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New EPDM Plant Construction Project 11/January/2011   

By  constructing a new  EPDM plant  with the capacity of 60,000 tons by 2013 , our company aims  at the world top three EPDM provider.

On 11 January, 2011 , KumhoPolychem, the largest  EPDM provider  in South Korea , announced its new project for constructing the EPDM plant . By finishing this project, we will have been  the world top three EPDM provider .
*EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Methylene-linkage) : high performance synthetic rubber

The new plant will be built in Yeosu National Industrial Complex to maximize the synergy effect with the current plant. It will have the capacity of 60,000 tons . After its full-scale operation is started in 2013, KumhoPolychem will produce  150,000 tons per a year  and it will be  raised to the world top three  EPDM provider .
KumhoPolychem is currently the best EPDM provider in all Asia and the top seventh manufacturer in the world.
  and the top 7th manufacturer in the world. EPDM , a high performance synthetic rubber, is widely used   across industries, automotive parts, electricalwire, insulation material, tire tubes, general industrial rubber parts.
Through this expansion, KumhoPolychem is going to actively cope with the rapid growth of Asian countries including China, India, increase of overseas production by Korean car makers, and demand increase caused by automotive parts makers.
“The year 2011 will be the first year to jump to World top class as an EPDM Manufacturer. we are going to do our best in order to continuously supply the best quality products keeping pacing with the growth of Asia market.” Mr. Ghil, CEO of KumhoPolychem, said.
KumhoPolychem started its business named Kumho EP in 1985 as a joint venture between KKPC(Korea) and JSR(Japan) (50%:50%). In January 1988, it began its EPDM business with the plant operation of 13,000 tons for the first time in Korea. It has dedicated to stabilization of supply, demanded in Korean market and the progress of car industry. KumhoPolychem now has 90,000 tons capacity with three times expansions.


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