Leaping forward to become
the world’s best EPDM maker

Enhancement of production capacity

  1. 2019Completion of Pellet 2Line(5,000MT/year)
  2. 2017Commercial production – TPV 12,000 MT/year (+5,000MT/year, 2Line)
  3. 20155th expansion – Expansion of the EPDM 2nd plant and construction of a production system for 220,000 MT/year [ultralow-temperature polymerization technology]
  4. 20134th expansion – Construction of a new EPDM 2nd plant and construction of a production system for 160,000 MT/year [ultralow-temperature polymerization technology]
  5. 20073rd expansion – Construction of a production system for 80,000 MT/year [Kumho Polychem’s own “ultralow-temperature polymerization technology”]
  6. Construction of a new TPV plant - TPV/KEPA, 5,000 MT/year
  7. 19972nd expansion – EPDM, 20,000 → 40,000 MT/year [JSR + EXXON technology]
  8. 19891st expansion – EPDM 10,000 → 20,000 MT/year
  9. 1988Commercial production – EPDM 10,000 MT/year [JSR technology]


  1. 2021Kim Sun-gyu inaugurated as the 11th CEO
  2. 2011Park Chan-koo inaugurated as the 10th CEO
  3. 2006Gil Byeong-wi inaugurated as the 9th CEO
  4. 2004Gi Ok inaugurated as the 8th CEO
  5. 2003Kim Heung-gi inaugurated as the 7th CEO
  6. 1997Son Myeong-won inaugurated as the 6th CEO
  7. 1995Shin Hyeong-in inaugurated as the 5th CEO
  8. 1994Yoon Rok-hyeon inaugurated as the 4th CEO
  9. 1989Nam Il inaugurated as the 3rd CEO
  10. 1987Kim Gwang-woong inaugurated as the 2nd CEO
  11. 1985Lee Jeong-hwan inaugurated as the 1st CEO

Company name

  1. 1997Changed the company name to Kumho Polychem
  2. 1985Founded Kumho EP Rubber