This product is made by partially reforming EP(D)M properties through a process of grafting functional materials such as MAH(Maleic Anhydride) to EP(D)M. This leads to the improvement of its affinity with polar macromolecular compounds. It is used as an impact modifier and compatibilizer for polar resin.


KEPA 1150 is a special high polymer rubber, which grafted maleic anhydride onto polyolefin elastomer with its major molecular chain only composed of a single structure. It has excellent heat resistance, ozone-proof and weatherability, and it is also excellent against low-temperature shock strength as it is formed of amorphous rubber.

  • 1Excellent shock strength (notched sample)
  • 2Maintains low-temperature feature at temperature below -40℃
  • 3Improves commercial ability when mixed with engineering plastic
  • 4Maintains excellent flexibility/elasticity
  • 5Reduces drying time by minimizing moist absorption
  • 6Excellent ability to maintain flexural modulus of the final product


KEPA1130 특징 표
Physical properties Value Test method
Flow(2.16kg/230℃) 3 ASTM D 1238
Weight 0.88 ASTM D 3575
Glass transition temperature(℃) -46℃ DSC
Volatile matter(%) 0.10 ASTM D 1416
Color(yellowness) 14 AM S 77-017

※ The above data are the representative data for KEPA and do not mean the standard specifications.

Low temperature characteristics

KEPA 1130 is a product that reinforces the shock strength of an existing nylon. In particular, to provide excellent characteristics in low temperature (-40–-50℃), it is made by transforming the non-crystal EPDM rubber.


Even though KEPA 1130 is made by using a non-crystal EP(D)M rubber, it provides an excellent flow, leading to excellence in usability and workability

Major Purpose

Major Purpose
Shock reinforcing agent KEPA is used as shock reinforcing agent not only in room temperature but especially in low-temperature, and maintains excellent low-temperature shock strength not only in polyolefin but also in nylon, which is polar polymer.
Coupling Agent KEPA is used as a coupling and adhesion agent by increasing the bondability of polyolefin material and improving its commercial use ability. Also, the prime cost can be reduced as it increases the commercial use ability with polar and non-polar polymer as well as other filler. It has excellent features in machinery properties of matter and heat stability.
Increased adhesion and bondability KEPA can improve the machinery properties of matter by improving commercial use ability and bondability between polyolefin, a non-polar substance, and nylon or polycarbonate or polyurethane, which are polar substances.

Storage and how to use

KEPA is packaged in a non-moist-absorption bag by 20kg and manufactured in pellets for easy-care so it can be put into the internal mixer (extruder) straightaway without additional processing.