10 Q.What is EP(D)M produced by Kumho Polychem?
A.The official names of the products we produce are EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) and EPM (Ethylene Propylene Monomer).
EPDM is a raw rubber material for various rubber and plastic products that are used as modifiers. It is mainly used as a raw material for automotive parts, tire tubes, electric wires, hoses, gaskets, and waterproof sheets.
9 Q.Where is EP(D)M mostly used? Please provide relevant detail information.
A.EP(D)M is mainly used for the areas where weather resistance is required because of being exposed to outdoor conditions as well as for the automotive and industrial items, electrical parts and wires, and electronic parts that require heat resistance, ozone resistance, electric characteristics, and chemical resistance.
The applicable specific usage and the application for products are shown below.

EP(D)M 용도 및 제품 적용

8 Q.I would like to know the buying (purchasing) route of EP(D)M.
A.It is sold directly or through agencies. In case of direct sales, it takes place only when the minimum purchase amount is 20 MT/month. Our agencies are located in Seoul, Gyeonggi, Busan, and Gyeongnam areas. For consultation in details, you may send an e-mail, which will be answered kindly.
7 Q.What types of products do you produce?
A.- Dense Bale: General bale product (rectangular, and the size is 670(L) × 340(W) × 200(H)
- Friable Bale: Improved in workability and dispersibility, and fragile
- Pellet & Crumb: Improved workability and enhanced ability of mixing with resins; formed in small and round grains and in popcorn shape
- Oil Extended: Improved workability because of the addition of oil.
6 Q.What are the physical/chemical properties of EP(D)M?
A.EP(D)M의 물리/화학적 특성
5 Q.What are the basic properties of the EP(D)M compound?
A.-No double bonding for main chains: Excellent in resistance to ozone, weather, heat, and oxidation.
-Hydro Carbon Nature: Excellent in terms of low temperature and electrical properties and polar materials (ex-water). Weak to adhesive and non-polar materials (ex-oil).
-Low specific gravity and high-filling ability: Advantageous for low cost compounding.
4 Q.Please, provide explanations about the structural factors of EP(D)M.
A.-Molecular weight: An increase in molecular weight will provide excellent viscosity, crosslink density, and filling ability while providing poor workability and mixing ability.
-M.W.D: Broadening of M.W,D will provide excellent workability and extrusion speed while providing poor tensile strength, elasticity, wear resistance, and viscosity.
-Ethylene content: An increase in ethylene content will provide excellent crystallinity, tensile strength, hardness, filling ability while providing poor workability and low temperature characteristics.
- 3rd ingredient (ENB) content: An increase in the 3rd ingredient content will provide excellent vulcanization speed, crosslink density, and elasticity while providing poor performance in terms of aging and thermal resistance.
3 Q.What is KEPA 1130?
A.It is a modified EPDM made by grafting functional chemicals in the EPDM rubber and then partially modifying the properties of the rubber. It is a rubber with enhanced affinity with polar polymer (ex.: nylon resin) (functional chemicals: Maleic Anhydride (MAH), Acrylic Acid, epoxide, and others).
2 Q.How can I purchase some samples?
A.First of all, we would like to thank you for visiting us.
The available sample amount is one bale for maximum (35 ㎏, 34 ㎏, 25 ㎏, and 24 ㎏), and it will be delivered to you through the parcel service once you prepare the necessary documents. You are kindly required to pay the parcel service fee.

Necessary documents
- Business registration certificate
- Site map
- Responsible person and contact number
- Status of owned facilities
1 Q.I would like to purchase KEP products overseas. Please provide the information regarding the direct sales and local sales.
A.First of all, I would like to thank you for being interested in our products.
Regarding the supply of products in overseas markets, you are kindly required to contact the company’s overseas sales team for inquiry. Your inquiry will then be answered promptly.

- Asia: Yoon Ho, Cho (General Manager, 2nd Sales Team: choyh@polychem.co.kr)
- Americas and Europe: Hyun Ho, Na (General Manger, 3rd Sales Team: hhna@polychem.co.kr)