Personnel Management / Benefits

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  • 01 People are the main corporate agent

    Based on the personnel management philosophy of Kumho Asiana Group that a company is the personality itself, Kumho Polychem is ceaselessly trying to secure the most reasonable and fairest personnel management system.

  • 02 Realization of performance-based personnel evaluation and management

    Kumho Polychem is expanding it’s remuneration system based on performances, abilities, and levels of skills so that anyone can be recognized and rewarded for their efforts. So the performance-oriented principle is applied to systemize all the areas including position, income, promotion, education, employment, and evalution.

  • 03 Annual salary system for all employees

    Kumho Polychem is applying the progressive annual salary system to all employees. It is a differentiated.
    assessment-based annual salary payment system. So performances and achievements as concrete ways to realize the merit system can be added to the corporate culture.

  • 04 Recruitment/promotion/allocation/transfer

    Recruitment shall take place twice a yaer, in the first and second half, based on the publicly open or independent processes in the area of oil and chemicals.
    There is a promotion point system where employees may be promoted within three years based on their skills and performances.
    Personnel management aims to place a right person in a right place based on abilities, aptitudes, and wishes of employees.
    Assignment to a position is circulated in principle to maximize the development of aptitudes and abilities.
    Horizontal team management is promoted so that employees may maximize their individual abilities in a voluntary and creative working environment.

  • 05 Training for self-development

    The company helps its employees to obtain management knowledge so that they can develop their adaptation Capacity in the rapidly changing corporate environment. There are various training and education courses and systems to cultivate talented people and to promote their qualitative and quantitative growth in addition to professional high-quality personnel development programs.
    Employees are encouraged to study for one hour every morning before the daily work begins so that they can improve their competitiveness through ceaseless self-development.