Social Contribution

Kumho Polychem has placed the highest priority on practicing the “ethical management”
as the practical behavior pattern to maximize the values of the company
and has promoted voluntary activities in which the management and employees participate.

Meaning of sincere voluntary services

Genuine participative voluntary services that break away from focusing on formal activities and giving presents,
which measures not by how many activities have been conducted but how sincere they are.

Ideology on social contribution

To make efforts to realize the management philosophy of “contributing to the country and society” as well as to create trust among various interested people through essential activities, and not by just selecting among them.

Direction of promotion

The pattern of the social contribution activities by Kumho Polychem varies in line with the change in the social roles and awareness of business.
The activities have changed from simple material support to participating and sharing, as well as from defensive contribution to proactive win-win activities.
To induce voluntary participation in the social contribution activities, the company has specified the meaning of voluntary services, the attitude of volunteers, and the evaluation and rewarding of the participants in the activities in the “detailed rules for voluntary services operation.”
In addition, to secure expertise in voluntary services, the company has practiced the activities by selecting themes relevant to the beneficiary related to the business.